A Personal Touch for Your Scrambler

A Personal Touch for Your Scrambler

Motorcycle enthusiasts across the world have grown to love the distinctive look and style of a Scrambler. Whether you’re a fan of the classic cafe racer style or embrace the new wave of scrambler designs, it’s easy to see why these two-wheeled machines have become so popular. A great way to stand out from the pack is to give your Scrambler a personal touch and make it a truly unique ride. In this article, we’ll explore several ideas to give your Scrambler the look you desire.

Revamp Your Ride with a Genuine Scrambler Look

For those who are after a more traditional Scrambler look, you may consider some cosmetic upgrades first. Exchange those factory scrambler parts for some vintage-inspired aftermarket items. Many mod-enthusiasts look to classic bike brands for inspiration. For a pre-1974 scrambler outfit, Ducati is the perfect example. Fit a vintage-style tail light housing, forks, and moto-style engines – and you’re ready to hit the road in style.

Bring Your Scrambler to Life with Custom Parts

Next, you can add a personal touch by upgrading your Scrambler with custom parts. Companies like Rizoma, Keepe and Biltwell offer custom parts that help add a unique look and feel to your bike. This could range from hand controls, side-mounted mirrors, headlight covers to customized air filters. These small changes can go a long way towards bringing your scrambler to life.

Finding the Perfect Look for Your Motorcycle

Once you have the basics in place, it’s time to start personalizing your ride according to your style and taste. Here are some ideas to consider:

Paint Job

We all know a great paint job is essential for giving your scrambler the look and feel that you desire. Take the time to research different paint schemes that will give off the desired look.


Start adding some of your own personal accessories to your bike. Whether you’re interested in chrome detailing or a unique seat pad, find the best option for your specific style.


If you’re looking for an even more custom look, consider upgrading your lights. LED lights are great for adding a modern touch and are sure to draw attention on the streets.

Making Space for a Personal Touch

For avid motorcycle enthusiasts, their scrambler is more than just a mode of transport, it’s a passion. Take the time to go through all the custom parts and web stores out there and make sure to get something that expresses both your style and your love of biking.


A classic scrambler style helmet is the perfect addition to the look. Look for a range of vintage and modern options to give your ride the complete scrambler look.

Tank Bags/Backpacks

Finally, investing in a tank bag or a backpack can provide useful storage solutions. From maps and phones to snacks and tools, you will never be short on space when on the go.

Create an Impressive Scrambler Ride

With these customizing tips, you can create an impressive and unique scrambler motorcycle that is sure to turn heads. Spend time considering the right look for your bike and the best style to help you stand out from the crowd. The only limitation is your imagination, so don’t forget to add your own personal touch wherever possible. In conclusion, designing a unique scrambler motorcycle is both fun and rewarding. Taking the time to revamp your ride with genuine scrambler parts and accessories is the perfect way to show off your own personal style. Whether you’re a fan of the classic look or prefer a modern twist, the result is sure to be an impressive ride for any avid biker.

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