Urbanizing the Scrambler: Adventures on Two Wheels


Today’s cities are full of inspiring nooks and crannies that can go undiscovered by a dormant car-culture. Rediscovering the city on two wheels—urbanizing the scrambler—creates a new appreciation of the urban landscape. With the right modifications, the classic vintage style of a scrambler is customised for urban commutes, creating a journey every bit as stylish as it is comfortable.

Rediscovering the City On Two Wheels

For anyone wanting to rediscover the urban jungle from a different perspective, urban-izing a scrambler breathes new life into the classic ride. Whether customizing an old classic or starting from scratch, these modifications create a two-wheeled dream – complete with vintage style, modern comforts, and delivering an experience that furthers exploration of the city and its endless wonders.

The Adventure of Urban-izing the Scrambler

Urban-izing the scrambler starts with a rear suspension upgrade, allowing for comfortable riding over urban terrain. To complement a ride across city streets, wider handlebars also provide greater maneuverability and control. Additionally, newer technology like heated grips and LED lighting will enhance the riding experience, while a stronger motor gear sets will ensure a smoother transition from riding in countryside to the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.

Revving Up the Ride with Innovative Upgrades

To further tailor the urban-ized scrambler for city life, features like foldable footpegs and a gear shift lever can make stopping for essential errands easier. An adjustable seat will also deliver a comfortable commute, whilst optional add-ons like a rear bag, a smartphone holder, or an armrest gives any urban transplant an easier way to carry everyday items.

A New Spin On Urban Commuting

When tackling urban commutes, the urban-ized scrambler offers a more tailored experience, infinite levels of freedom and drive, and a complete appreciation of the city’s resources. With these modifications, exploring urban environments is transformed into a stylish and comfortable adventure taking riders to places they never imagined before.

Exploring Urban Environments In Style and Comfort

Urban-izing a scrambler brings a modern flavour to the classic ride, rediscovering urban adventuring. With modifications to enhance the mobility of the bike, adjust its comfort levels, and allow for better carrying, the urban-ized scrambler becomes an ideal choice for anyone wanting to explore the city on two wheels. It’s the perfect choice for those wanting to get around quickly and in style, taking in every ambitious wonder the city has to offer.


Urban-izing a scrambler gives an updated twist to a beloved classic, making urban exploration a stylish and comfortable endeavour. With these modifications, riders have more control over their commutes, can explore the city like never before, and get around quickly and efficiently. The urban-ized scrambler is the perfect adventure for anyone wanting to take a spin on two wheels.

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